Bitland Announces ICO Launch, OpenLedger Partnership on Land Rights

Decentralized land registry project Bitland has announced its ICO crowdfunding campaign and slated launch following a partnership with Danish exchange OpenLedger and revamped “decentralized conglomerate” CCEDK.  Also read: Legal Identity for All: Can Bitcoin’s Blockchain Rise to the Challenge? Bitland: Development Project Has ‘Many Aspects’ Bitland (, which seeks to secure rights for landowners by using the blockchain […]

Bitland is revolutionising African land registry in partnership with CCEDK

Blockchain-based Bitland is looking to address the unregistered land issue in West Africa. Blockchain technology has been predicted as a major step forward for developing countries plagued with land disputes and corruption around real estate The creation of decentralised databases for land titles on a public ledger is a compelling use case for blockchain technology. […]

#Bitland puts Land Rights on the Blockchain with the Cadastral Coin

The Challenge Securing property rights and modernizing land administration is central to many developing nation’s social and economic development. Countries that would benefit from blockchain technology experience many issues related to contradictory legal and administrative decisions that contribute to land insecurity and undermine citizen’s confidence in state institutions. In Nicuragua alone, it was once estimated […]

Blockchain Venture To Upgrade Africa: How Bitland Is Revolutionizing Land Registry & Community Development In Ghana And Beyond…

There’s been alot of discussion about the potentials of blockchain technology to transform various aspects of society, separate from its most common associations with cryptocurrencies. One application that’s received significant ponderance is the use of a publicly-distributed ledger for land registry purposes. And while many have simply talked, another group has been in action and […]