Bitland Ambassador Network is an experimental form of  land title using decentralized, trustless models such as Bitcoin’s blockchain. Its key principle is that all participation is voluntary. Meaning that there’s a community consent, and approval, time stamped in the blockchain for later reference, for every claim, and transaction.

The Bitland business model is based on leveraging the worldwide Ambassador Network. This network is composed of a global team of Ambassadors (generally Bitcoin entrepreneurs, particularly in emerging and frontier markets) who promote, implement, and support the Bitland platform at a local level.

The system is composed of a human-centered, purpose driven partnering approach and commercialization model of collaborative intelligence. This model allows for the merging of multiple forms of crowd sourcing and funding inside of the governance collaboration platform that allows consumers to become investors and creative contributors to become entrepreneurs.

Activities Involved as an Ambassadors:

  • Meetups with other governance 2.0 and blockchain technology enthusiasts.
  • Workshops with local community members.
  • Videos: record local workshops.
  • Blog posts: write occasional blog posts on local challenges and solutions.
  • Virtual meetups with the international Ambassador network to share ideas and experiences.

The ambassadors of Bitland are the entrepreneurially-minded, social good-driven people of their communities.  They are cordial self-starters who bring people together through meetups and organizations designed to discuss and challenge existing structures and solve political and economic problems.

The purpose of our worldwide Ambassador network is to identify governance needs in local communities, and help people discover and understand how to implement blockchain based solutions to resolve land title problems.

The Bitland Platform will enable Ambassadors to empower themselves, their families, friends and neighbours to increase, realize and capitalize the value of their collective creativity in solving the problems and satisfying their governance needs.


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