Governments, NGOs Consider Neocapita’s Blockchain Pilots for E-Governance

E-government startup Neocapita is preparing to launch Stoneblock, its decentralized, blockchain-based registration service for government-managed information and citizen records. The team is currently in talks with several organizations and jurisdictions for pilot programs.

Tony Willenberg, founder of Neocapita, told Bitcoin Magazine that proposals for piloting the Stoneblock platform are being discussed with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Vision, and directly with two governments, namely Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea. The proposed pilots include solutions to provide greater efficiency and transparency in aid contributions and cross-border transactions.

“The main purpose behind these proposals for piloting our platform is to help developing countries move to a blockchain-based e-government application infrastructure,” said Willenberg. “We are interested in helping them leapfrog.”

With World Vision and the Government of Afghanistan, the two proposed pilots seek to provide transparency regarding aid contribution activities. Contributions would be recorded on a blockchain and open for all donors to see.

The company is also discussing a low-cost, tamper-proof registration system for land titles with the Government of Afghanistan, a project that would be similar to what Bitfury and Bitland have been doing in the Republic of Georgia and Ghana, respectively.


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