Governments, NGOs Consider Neocapita’s Blockchain Pilots for E-Governance

E-government startup Neocapita is preparing to launch Stoneblock, its decentralized, blockchain-based registration service for government-managed information and citizen records. The team is currently in talks with several organizations and jurisdictions for pilot programs. Tony Willenberg, founder of Neocapita, told Bitcoin Magazine that proposals for piloting the Stoneblock platform are being discussed with the United Nations […]

5 African Blockchain Companies to watch

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in the tech industry. When people think of Blockchain their initial thought lean towards cryptocurrencies and fintech; it is however far more than just a new payment system. Blockchain can potentially revolutionise how transactions over the Internet take place altogether. Blockchain uses cryptography to keep exchanges secure, providing […]

Nigerian Government Offers Support To Blockchain Development Group

The Blockchain industry in Nigeria has received a boost as government agencies are collaborating with Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria, hereinafter CDIN, in education and implementation of the technology. CDIN describes itself as a Non-Government Organization, a platform that brings together stakeholders in Nigeria to work on a common interest of addressing gaps in cryptography […]

LE PARISIEN MAGAZINE. Blockchain, la révolution dont tout le monde parle

Sorte de livre comptable numérique géant, la blockchain pourrait bientôt permettre des transactions en ligne, sans intermédiaire et sans risque. Décryptage. En 1993, Marc Andreessen, étudiant américain, mettait au point le premier navigateur Internet. Personne n’aurait deviné que cette invention allait permettre au Web, qui était alors un réseau compliqué réservé aux informaticiens, de devenir […]