Mark Your Calendars: Bitland Speaking in Austria, France, and Senegal

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12 October 2016 (Bloomington, Indiana): Bitland Global wishes to congratulate Jacobs Edo for the release of his much anticipated book, Digital Transformation: Evolving a Digitally Enabled Nigerian Public Service. Mr. Edo is the Bitland ambassador to Nigeria and his efforts have been critical in establishing a Bitland center in Lagos. Edo’s book, which includes a discussion of the Bitland project, considers the practical applications of new technology in African economic and social milieus.

Watch a summary of Mr. Edo’s ground-breaking book here.

Bitland Global will be attending the book launch event in Vienna on November 12.

Bitland Global is also pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming 2016 Digiworld Summit to be held 15-17 November in Montpellier, France. The Bitland vision is especially pertinent to the summit’s theme: The Digital Trust Economy. As part of the Digital Africa Forum Bitland co-founder and chief security officer, Chris Bates will be discussing issues of digital, innovative ecosystems and their applicability in African countries.

Deceleration is an unfamiliar word to Bitland operations. Looking forward to next summer, Bitland Global’s own resourceful and intrepid Mr. Bates has accepted the invitation to be the keynote speaker for the 2017 West Africa Com conference in Dakar, Senegal. The conference focuses on West African technology, fintech, telecommunication, and their applications in cutting-edge enterprise across the region.


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