Mauritius can become ‘Blockchain Valley’

The head of Bitland Global, whose startup launched a project to put land registry in Ghana on blockchain earlier this year, has touted Mauritius to become the “Blockchain Valley” through the advent of a ‘cybersecurity Hague’ for international data houses.

Christopher Bates, during his session with young entrepreneurs and business

incubators at blockchain working session organised by the Mauritius Investment Board last week, maintained that the move will contribute to economic growth for the East African nation.

Technically, The Hague is branded as the Legal Capital of the World while the contextual adaptation of ‘Valley’ to a blockchain trend could connote a creation zone for the technology, particularly when compared to Silicon Valley, which is a leading hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation and development.

Likening Mauritius to these representations indicates the country’s propensity to succeed in identifying the ICT infrastructure and resources required to implement blockchain platforms, technological challenges and computational power that need to be overcome before blockchain can be implemented.

Economically, Mauritius seems to be one of the best spots in Africa to nurture innovation presently.

According to the Fraser Institute’s annual Economic Freedom of the World report released in Canada last week, Mauritius tops the rankings in Africa and fifth worldwide for Economic Freedom. It is also ranked first in Africa in Human Development Index (HDI) by the UNDP Africa Human Development Report 2016.

Bates’ projection could also be linked to a plan revealed at the one-day seminar by cybersecurity company WiseKey to establish a BlockChain Centre of Excellence in the country. This would establish a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform for government and blockchain ecosystem to improve public services and streamline processes.

WISeKey’s CEO, Carlos Moreira, said they believe the Centre will disrupt business flows and processes across different industries in the country and position it as one of the “Blockchain Platforms and Hubs.”


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