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Can BitTeaser’s Blockchain Ads Network Disrupt ‘Pay-Per-Click’ Market?

Advertising is big business and as increasing activity moves online, so too do the marketing dollars. While 2015 saw an estimated $170.5 billion (bn) spent on online advertising globally, this figure is projected to mushroom almost 50% by 2018 to $252bn. But can anyone apart from the big guys snap up a slice of this lucrative business and leveragethe Internet of Things to achieve it?

Until recently only the big players were able to get into it. Software though has made it possible for some webmasters to serve adverts and generate revenues based on their own traffic. Yet profiting from the advertising sector more broadly was a complex undertaking out of reach to the ordinary punter and investor.

Now to solve the problem, a group of future-tech innovators from Denmark and the US have used the power of ‘peer-to-peer’ platforms to throw the doors open to everyone. Effectively they are offering anyone who wants it a piece of a pie that isn’t getting smaller any time soon.

It follows documentation revealed just last week of the so-called ‘Decentralized Conglomerate’ concept using the Blockchain, which Larry C. Bates, Bitland’s Chief Security Officer from Bloomington, Indiana, was involved and instrumental in.


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