#Netexplo 2016: Bitland redraws the map of Africa through blockchain

Using the tamper-proof technology blockchain, Bitland account register the cadastre of many African countries.

In Africa, 90% of rural areas are not recorded in an official register. A basic problem that affects some cities where people have yet to address. Also unable to receive mail, to state his title and draw benefits, the impact on the economy is considerable: the e-commerce can not function without delivery address.

Bitland , an organization based in Ghana, has given itself the mission to enable institutions and individuals who wish to allow surveying their territories and register their land acts on a blockchain. After a technology first applied to bitcoins, the blockchain is a system for sharing and storing information transparent, public and secure. Since the creation of this virtual currency in 2009, each bitcoin is stored from its creation in a file shared between all users. All financial transfers are listed there, which can identify any creation of false. Renowned impiratable and indelible, the bitcoins traceability chain has been proven and the system is now exported to many areas, including private property.

Anyone wishing to register his land in the cadastre of his city can fill out a form available on the internet. The data is then stored in the blockchain and it is impossible to leave them to prevent piracy of data. In 2015, the Honduran government has appealed to Epigraph , a body similar to Bitland, to list the whole of its territory and prevent the blockchain richest does grant property they do not own.

For now currently developing its pilot project in the city of Kumasi in Ghana, Bitland gives themselves five years to persuade other African countries to adopt its solution. The project was part of the ten innovations selected by the Netexplo Forum 2016 which L’Atelier BNP Paribas was a partner on 10 and 11 February.

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