Bitland, the platform that identifies all rural areas in Ghana

In Ghana, the NGO Bitland launched in 2015 an eponymous virtual land registry that allows to identify all the populated areas of the country and carry out land transactions. This highly effective platform to the advantage of reliable GPS coordinates, which ensures high accuracy in the description of these remote areas.

Bitland also helps secure the sales of land and houses. Indeed, it provides users with information on the value of the land or house to buy, and taxes incurred by the purchase.

In addition, when a seller and a buyer performs a transaction directly on the platform, it has a payment system based on blockchain digital technology that allows online transactions; which ensures better traceability in the operation.

Bitland is tamper-proof, reliable and can be accessed by all. It is currently under development and it will take the test period to judge its effectiveness.

Note that in Africa, 90% of rural areas are not listed.


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