Aweza and BitLand, 2 African startups in the world Top 10 of 2016 Netexplo

(CIO Mag) – The Netexplo Observatory has unveiled the list of 10 winners who will compete for the Grand Prize award at the ninth edition scheduled from 9 to 10 February.

Among these are two African startups: Aweza South Africa and Ghana BitLand.They were identified in the category Trend “stretching interaction” which means “push the boundaries of our interactions.”

Aweza is mobile translation application that allows dialogue between the official languages ​​spoken in South Africa. This, thanks a gamification technique that records the pronunciation of phrases.

BitLand is a virtual land registry which simplifies and facilitates obtaining a land title.

According to the selection committee, these start-ups were selected from 2,100 young shoots that are distinguished by the innovative nature of their digital application.

The other winners are from Canada (Amino), Colombia (IKO Creative Prosthetic System), Germany (AscTec Firefly), US ( Micro-swimmer Robot), Norway (Self-teaching robots 3D-printed), Japan ( Todai Robot Project) and Israel (Colu).

To participate in selecting the winner of the Grand Prize, the public is invited to vote on the site.

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