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Fresh from the annual meeting of Netexplo , it seemed to me that it might be interesting to share some of the trends and innovation that could see through.

Netexplo is an independent private observatory created nine years ago, hosted by the French Senate, for his ministry for the Digital Economy – Yes, in France there is a ministry and minister for the digital industry, Axelle Lemaire , in Economy – and HEC Paris , who studies the impact of digital technologies on business and society. To do this, create a spotter network , a panel of “explorers” formed by professors from universities around the world who work with our students trying to track dropouts and interesting initiatives that give some visibility and show a network of companies that finance partly activity.

What was discussed at this year Netexplo? First, an important role ofblockchain , the system distributed database we met thanks to Bitcoin , and now lives a second wave of popularity as applied to more and more things: Bitland is a startup in Ghana carried out land registration and real estate onblockchain in a country with little or centralized state solutions in this regard


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