Bitland is a Netexplo award winner for 2016

A digital land register for Ghana thanks to blockchain

Need a deed of ownership or even an official address? That’s not always easy in Africa, where up to 90% of rural areas are undocumented. To tackle fraud and other problems arising from a lack of land registries, the Ghana-based non-profit Bitland uses blockchain technology to secure information. This digital innovation creates a transparent, unfalsifiable record. As a result, individuals can claim property and access government services. On the other hand, the government could use the registry to raise taxes.

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  1. Tetsuo Caneda Akira - March 6, 2016 at 10:16 am Reply

    When colonization & apartheid are inherently part of the System of Domination imposed upon the Peoples of Africa, and the claims to land made by the occupying State are done as part of conquest of these Peoples, it means that these “Land titles” issued by the State are entirely based based upon domination, and are just a continuation of the genocide against these Peoples.

    How is it that an NGO is taking upon itself the duty of the State without authorization, and that its efforts are detrimental to the Peoples of Africa as per domination? How can you claim that you are assisting the Peoples of Africa when its only perpetuating slavery and domination against them in behalf of the State?

    • Chris - March 6, 2016 at 10:45 am Reply

      I believe you have a grave misunderstanding of how we are approaching this problem. We are not going to be part of any government, but act as a Liaison between the government and the local representatives of any community that wants to have advocates once we complete our Pilot Project.

      You are correct in alluding to the governments being part of the problem when it comes to controlling land titles due to nepotism and corruption, which is why we are looking to put all the titles onto a centralized public ledger that is attached to a blockchain. This way, the records cannot be changed without the approval of local representatives, but must also get the official recognition that goes along with registering a land title.

      In order to move past the current situation, it will take a third party organization like Bitland to approach governments with these types of solutions, as no corrupt government will ever fix itself.

      If you would please read over our literature and listen to the presentations we have given, we look to address this problem that you have brought up specifically, and are not ignorant of the major uphill battle that we are facing.

      Thank you for your time!

      Chris Bates
      C.S.O. Bitland Global

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