Bitland, the platform that identifies all rural areas in Ghana

In Ghana, the NGO Bitland launched in 2015 an eponymous virtual land registry that allows to identify all the populated areas of the country and carry out land transactions. This highly effective platform to the advantage of reliable GPS coordinates, which ensures high accuracy in the description of these remote areas. Bitland also helps secure […]

The Maps in Ghana with the technology Blockchain

Blockchain: revolution for land registration in Ghana A simple address, a title? Not so evident in Africa, where 90% of rural areas are not listed. To solve the problems associated with the lack of registers and land registers, the African NGO Bitland blockchain uses technology designed to use the Bitcoin currency, transaction and information security. […]

Blockchain : technological revolution or mirage?

This system, which is based on the virtual currency Bitcoin allows to establish secure and tamper-proof records. From finance to education, transportation, culture, applications could be endless. But we are not there yet … “Edurne and Mayel are happy to announce their marriage, the first in the world exclusively recorded on the ‘blockchain’!” No, it’s […]

Bitland mentioned in article

Fresh from the annual meeting of Netexplo , it seemed to me that it might be interesting to share some of the trends and innovation that could see through. Netexplo is an independent private observatory created nine years ago, hosted by the French Senate, for his ministry for the Digital Economy – Yes, in France […]

Bitland is a Netexplo award winner for 2016

A digital land register for Ghana thanks to blockchain Need a deed of ownership or even an official address? That’s not always easy in Africa, where up to 90% of rural areas are undocumented. To tackle fraud and other problems arising from a lack of land registries, the Ghana-based non-profit Bitland uses blockchain technology to […]