Bitland attends d10e in San Francisco!

The Bitland team recently attended the d10e conference in San Francisco.  It was a great event with keynotes from John McAfee and Andreas Antonopoulos – among others. Chris Bates, CSO was on the panel for land registration. Audio will be posted soon!  

Bitland Blockchain Initiative Seeks To Create Reliable Land Titles In Africa

A team of blockchain technology pioneers from Ghana, Denmark, and the U.S., has launched a blockchain initiative to establish usable land titles and free up trillions of dollars for infrastructure development in West Africa, according to Forbes. The Bitland initiative will educate the population about technology and hopefully foster the benefits of documented land ownership to […]

Georgia Pilots and Sweden Ponders – Is Blockchain the Future for Europe’s Land Registries?

Blockchain, the secure, “trustless” database, has until recently been best known as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency bitcoin. Now, though, officials are realizing that it can be much, much more. The platform, created by shadowy bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, has recently become coveted by nations eager to sure up their land registries, a notoriously […]

Bitcoin- an Australian innovation in land titling?

This week saw renewed discussion into the purported creator behind virtual currency technology Bitcoin, Dr Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur from Sydney. While we should be sceptical about the claims, there is no doubt that the technology is disruptive to future financial systems, with CSIRO’s Data61 today announcing that it will undertake a review to […]

Bitland ICO listed on Smith and Crown

BitLand operates to address the problem of insecure land tenure, bring confidence of investment to emerging markets, and unlock land wealth stagnating due to inefficient legacy systems. Banks cannot issue mortgages on land that is unregistered, and in areas of unclear land tenure, there are weak or nonexistent real estate markets and land owners are […]

Bitland: putting land on the ledger in Ghana

A new blockchain-based initiative in Africa aims to stamp out corruption and free up trillions of dollars in locked capital for infrastructure development. Blockchain technology is extremely powerful, offering huge advantages of cost, transparency and reliability thanks to the immutable nature of decentralised ledgers. However, these benefits often fail to resonate due to the markets […]

Bitland mentioned in Forbes article

Can BitTeaser’s Blockchain Ads Network Disrupt ‘Pay-Per-Click’ Market? Advertising is big business and as increasing activity moves online, so too do the marketing dollars. While 2015 saw an estimated $170.5 billion (bn) spent on online advertising globally, this figure is projected to mushroom almost 50% by 2018 to $252bn. But can anyone apart from the […]