Bitland Blockchain Could Solve India’s Land Woes

Who actually owns the plot of  land? Foreign Affairs once published an article stating that one of India’s biggest problems is landlessness, where it was cited as the cause for  widespread poverty while being a perpetrator of its social challenges Lack of land ownership is a major limitation to Indian economic growth and hinders the […]

#Bitland puts Land Rights on the Blockchain with the Cadastral Coin

The Challenge Securing property rights and modernizing land administration is central to many developing nation’s social and economic development. Countries that would benefit from blockchain technology experience many issues related to contradictory legal and administrative decisions that contribute to land insecurity and undermine citizen’s confidence in state institutions. In Nicuragua alone, it was once estimated […]

Blockchain Venture To Upgrade Africa: How Bitland Is Revolutionizing Land Registry & Community Development In Ghana And Beyond…

There’s been alot of discussion about the potentials of blockchain technology to transform various aspects of society, separate from its most common associations with cryptocurrencies. One application that’s received significant ponderance is the use of a publicly-distributed ledger for land registry purposes. And while many have simply talked, another group has been in action and […]

Bitland Using Blockchain to End Africa’s Land Corruption

Bitland Uses Blockchain: As demand for land and other resources continues to rise, investors look to Africa. It is no surprise as Africa has the largest area of arable land in the world. Unfortunately, many problems persist due to Africa’s lack of documentation recording land ownership. This has led to many corrupt activities including land […]

Bitland attends d10e in San Francisco!

The Bitland team recently attended the d10e conference in San Francisco.  It was a great event with keynotes from John McAfee and Andreas Antonopoulos – among others. Chris Bates, CSO was on the panel for land registration. Audio will be posted soon!  

Bitland Blockchain Initiative Seeks To Create Reliable Land Titles In Africa

A team of blockchain technology pioneers from Ghana, Denmark, and the U.S., has launched a blockchain initiative to establish usable land titles and free up trillions of dollars for infrastructure development in West Africa, according to Forbes. The Bitland initiative will educate the population about technology and hopefully foster the benefits of documented land ownership to […]

Georgia Pilots and Sweden Ponders – Is Blockchain the Future for Europe’s Land Registries?

Blockchain, the secure, “trustless” database, has until recently been best known as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency bitcoin. Now, though, officials are realizing that it can be much, much more. The platform, created by shadowy bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, has recently become coveted by nations eager to sure up their land registries, a notoriously […]